smiley_anon (smiley_anon) wrote,

That thing where I was failing at internet...

...and promised to stop? >.< Did it worse. (Clearly).

RL crap is beginning to settle, and I should hopefully be balancing my stuff better. Which is to say, I'll be going through the 121 things in my inbox now. That said, I'll probably be doing it in newest-to-oldest order for the sake of my sanity ('cause what is sorting, LJ-inbox? :P). So apologies to anyone I've failed to get back to for forever; feel free to message/comment me and bump something up.

Ideally I'll be caught up on stuff and back to ficcery within a week or so; not going to make a time-specific promise I don't know if I can keep though. I'm ridiculously behind. Sorry to those this is relevant to.
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