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'cause silence is creepy
Haven't posted here or on the meme in a bit. I am writing--just got sidetracked with a fic-trade fill widget. -_- Was supposed to be short, but... I've passed 2K words and am maybe half-done. More likely a third.

That said, wanted to post something. So, drabbles. Figured I'd do one for each of the characters in decreasing order of people-I-like/want-to-write, stopping when I got bored. Might add to them later.

*writes drabbles*

...aaaand, I think... I like these. O.o Huh. Probably posting them elsewhere. Though I'd have to format them and title them...

Yeah, not so hard.

Title(s): Keystone, Waiting Game, Turnaround, Look Forward
Fandom: Tron (Legacy and original)
Rating: T - violence
Disclaimer: I own my (dying :P) laptop and an erratic sleep schedule. It's like owning the Tron fandom, except there's nothing in common.
Summary: ...They're drabbles? See above if you want my rant.
Wordcount: 100 words! Four times!
Author's note: Tron-Quorra-Sam-Yori. Though turns out they all at least mention Tronzler. Oops. Nope, no favorite characters here.


When a program first compiled, a lot was slow. Hazy. It took time to adapt to the system, feel your place in it and beyond it—to break past rote function and the simplicity of prewritten tasks to self, identity, choice. For some programs, it was a matter of milis—others would take a full cycle, or more, to fully self-define. Ram always joked that his sense of humor rezzed in before he did.

Tron had been running for just over three hundred milicycles. Not everything felt sure, not everything was certain—but he knew one thing.

He hated Sark.

Waiting Game

Her disk rebounded off the walls, scoring a bright line across the blackness before slamming back to her grip in a blue-white arc.

Quorra stared blankly at the walls of her training room, hissed a burst of furious static as her processing flared with fury, grief, loss.

They were all gone.

She threw her disk again, replacing the target in her sights with Clu, Rinzler, the Black Guard—any of her people's murderers. Or those who stood by while it happened. She’d been to the city, seen the fireworks, celebratory Games—slaughter to celebrate slaughter.

She’d stood by then, too.


The world upended, dashing Sam’s fragile hopes as quickly as it flipped his insides.

He slammed against the ceiling—floor?—let out a groan of pain as he scrambled to stand. The program was already launching towards him—he crashed his disk down, watched with a sinking heart as his opponent tucked, turned, and landed astride the gap.

I’m not going to win this.

He’d felt confident enough, going in. It was like Dad’s stories—the exciting ones, of combat and escape. Adventure. Seriously, if his dad could do this, Sam knew he could manage.

He hadn’t counted on Rinzler.

Look Forward

“Well, man? What do you think?”

Yori repressed a smile as Tron hesitated. Flynn’s new system was a flat black expanse, empty of programs, with no structure beyond the bare essentials. It wasn’t entirely uninteresting—she itched to explore that new Portal interface, for one—but the downsides were beautifully clear in her counterpart’s expression as he stared uncertainly around.

He glanced to her, and she returned the look, mouth curving up. Sorry, program. He asked you. Users, Flynn—there was a reason most systems were finished before programs rezzed in.

Tron smiled back, turned to Flynn. “It’s something new.”

(edit) As per comment notes, this seems to have expanded; more drabbles exist and will be added here.

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..oh my gosh.

Ram always joked that his sense of humor rezzed in before he did.
She’d stood by then, too.
watched with a sinking heart as his opponent tucked, turned, and landed astride the gap
Sorry, program. He asked you.

These are just amazing. Each one beautifully balanced, each character crystal clear, each delivering its own emotional sucker-punch. Putting Look Forward last is a sucker-punch in itself. And your headcanon about programs learning to be themselves and about poor well-meaning Flynn dumping his friends in an unfinished system because ~hey man isn't it cool already~ feels utterly right.

:D Thanks so much! Glad you feel I'm getting the different perspectives right; part of my goal (in addition to learning to write short) was to try and practice how different characters view things. And yeah, Flynn's the most moronic genius ever.

If you're interested in more, I wound up putting it on ff.net... and turning it into a growing thing. There are six (counting these) there currently, more likely to come soon.

Lovely, touching, and very beautifully done (and in so little words, too!)

I love the joke about Ram's sense of humor and Tron knowing his purpose before he even fully rezzed. (I <3 Tronzler, too. I don't blame you for having him in everything. xD)

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