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vague fic-ranting

*flail-grumble* Should be updating Letting Go, but I keep getting bogged down planning the last third of Extraordinary Voyages instead. Pretty much right at the break point between "plotted out" and "???", I have a cliffhangery moment that could go one of two ways.

Original plan was to go for the (somewhat) positive outcome, going from trauma to hope and possibly not fracked and all those other good things. But then I started considering, and the "oh gods what why terrible" outcome presented itself, and... I started liking it. And promptly planned out another sixth of the story based on that path.

Still frustrating. :P I have more stuff that I want to happen than there should be time left in the fic. If I find a way to work it, there might turn out to be much more than a third remaining in this part; if I don't, I'll be frustrated because want more character interaction, dammit! >.< *shakes head* Really, I'd be okay with making this longer if I had any reasonable idea as to how to fit things in.

...Or I could just try and switch to the mildly happier outcome and rework my plottery from there. But the trauma's chain-reactioning in my head! A glorious explosion of "O.o I thought I liked these characters."

-_- Meh. Pretty sure I'm going with the trauma path at this point, due to both the stuff I've planned for after it and the fact that actions should have consequences (the Bad Shit results from a character decision that the person knows will create all kinds of terrible for someone, but feels like they have to do anyways). Which just leaves me with the question of how to stretch out the mid-late portion enough to let things happen as I wanted. :/ There's basically just no room for one scene I'd really like to have. Dunno.
Tags: fandom: tron/legacy, planning/notes, what is short?, what the frack brain
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