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random fic-drabbles!

Since I've been having problems writing quickly of late, I decided to try this shuffle meme—discovered through Allronix's excellent example. Basic premise: put on playlist on shuffle, write fics to the first 10 songs that come up during the duration of each song's play time.

...Only my entire playlist consists of soundtracks. So instead of trying to write all Tronfic or whatever, I mostly matched the movie/game that came up. One exception, 'cause I got really sick of trying to write LoTR fanfic (my shuffle seems severely biased).

Obviously low-quality; they were written in 2-5 minute intervals, with no time to fact-check or refresh myself about the fandoms I was trying to write.

1. "Thane" (Mass Effect 2)

The guard was weak.


The guard was inattentive.


The guard was in his way.


The human slumped forward, lowering its rifle as it stretched, slumped back against the wall to glance tiredly from side to side. Seeing nothing, it (she? It was a she…) shifted for comfort, a hand leaving the weapon to tap at her headpiece before speaking in a bored tone. “Bravo-Two-One-Seven, reporting. All clear.”

They never looked up.

He dropped from above in a sideways crouch, gripping the human’s head as he landed. Weapon nudged away with a biotic push, opening mouth silenced with a sharp snap as the weak neck broke. He landed, caught the body as it fell, and lowered it silently to the floor.

He paused for a moment, examined the creature. Humans were new, but already numerous. Weak, but tenacious. A puzzle.

Keep moving. The target wasn’t far.

2. Encom Part I (Tron Legacy)

It was Flynn’s company.

That’s why he stayed. That’s what he told himself. For Flynn, for Sam in Flynn’s stead. But mostly Flynn. He would be back. He had to come back.

Years passed, old hopes with them. He stayed for Sam.

But Sam didn’t care. Wasn’t interested. He was a bitter young man, angry at his father, at Alan, at the world. He could understand that. He was angry at Flynn, too.

3. Minas Morgul (The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)

In the shadow of the Black Tower, death marched on the land.

They had seen the hordes and terrors of Moria. Had fled from Saruman’s legions of Uruk-Hai set loose in Amon Hen. But never in all his dreams of darkness had Samwise Gamgy considered what lay before him.

Shadow and fire was brighter than shadow and death.

4. Escape from Embassy (Bourne Identity)

He took the stairs three at a time, lunging up flight by flight. Higher, faster. A man—security—stepped into the hall. Two blows (head to silence, gut to disable) dropped him, a third would keep him down. He grabbed the headset. Com chatter would help.

How can I do this?

But there was no room for questions, not now. Only action, only movement. His body knew what to do, and he followed its motions. The fire escape plan showed him the room, the door opened with a well-placed kick.

It was a five-story drop. Men behind. No escape, nowhere to hide.

His body knew better.

5. The Grid (Tron Legacy)

It’s so empty.

Tron stared out at the flat black wasteland. I/O tower behind him, a light—a Portal, Flynn called it—glowing faintly in the distance. But there was little else. A new slate. Empty.


“Well, man? What do you think?”

He turned to face Flynn, hesitated to respond. Flynn was eager, pleased. So like him. Tron caught Yori's look and smiled despite himself.

"It's something new."

6. Reflections (Tron Legacy)

He ran.

He had to run. Tron told him to, and Clu—he couldn’t—he didn’t understand! What had gone wrong, had happened to their world? Their plan? Clu was him, was his creation. How could he…

Tron was gone now. Clu had… changed, the familiar reflection warped past anything Flynn could ever bear to recognize. The Black Guard swarmed the street, his miracles dying all around him. And Flynn turned away. He ran.

What else could I do?

7. Crash Landing (Mass Effect 2)

The collector base loomed up before them all.

Yeah, we were ready for this.

He quipped. He always did. But Joker was only half-there. Half-listening to Shepard’s orders, half-seeing the flashing lights, hearing the alarms and proximity warnings. His hands flitted over the controls, adjusting, guiding, steering them to the edge of destruction and past.

The rest of him was with the Normandy.

He was the Normandy. Not like EDI (though he'd never admit aloud even she was closer to his ship). But moments like this, with death pressing on the hull, he could feel her. Know her. He lifted them, glided through the debris. Joker flew.

He just hoped it would be enough to save them, this time.

8. Main Title (Deus Ex)

It was JC’s big day.

Paul raced through the gates, dropped and rolled behind some crates as he made his way to the docks. The NSF were still out there, and he didn’t want to have to take out some poor sap for not knowing any better.

JC would take them out, though. That’s who he was, now. An agent. A killer, if Manderly and the rest had their way.

It was up to Paul to make sure they didn’t.

9. Into the West (Lord of the Ring: Return of the King --switched up for a Tronfic).

Sam was… asleep.

Quorra stood in the doorway, looked down at his form as he lay curled on the couch. She’d meant to ask him something. She didn’t know what, anymore.

She sighed, leaned back against the wall. Things were different, here. She was different. Memory, processing, skills—everything was softened. Faded.

Sam slept, soundless and unmoving. Her rest cycles were never so even.

Sometimes she envied Tron, staying behind. He had one world, at least for now, one place to fight for and reclaim. But she had chosen to leave. Chosen both worlds—but of late, it had been this one. This strange place. Confusing. Beautiful.


She knew dreams far too well.

10. The Grey Havens (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)

It was the story’s end.

The Age of Man. Gandalf smiled, fingers stroking his beard with absent fondness. It was no place for him. For all he’d worn their form, walked among them, this was not his time or place. A new chapter of the world, for the young to shape and guide. The fires are past. Now to grow anew.

He realized, with some surprise, that he would miss this world.

Frodo stood at the shore, Samwise at his side. Speech, argument, promises, tears. Partings. They were so young, all of them—though Frodo was touched by a deeper wisdom. Samwise as well, in his own way. But that one was meant for the world, for warmth and gardens and little ones running through the fields.

New growth indeed.

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