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Actual drabble?!

This reads like another lightjet widget, but it's not. My original goal was to look at why Rinzler held off in the recognizer. 'Cause really, his directive was to go find them--which presumably involved derezz or capture. And he found them. And then... sat there stalking them until they joined up with the Rectifier. Rather than hitting them in a small enclosed space they couldn't run and hide in. Not the best tactical choice.

...that said, I got a little bit in and discovered that a) I'm tired as frack, and b) I hit exactly a hundred words. No clue how it happened, but I am taking it as a sign from the gods. Or just an excuse to sleep. Something or other.


He froze. Locked up. The ticking rumble skipped, the break jagged, edged. A pause. Conflict.



His processing resettled to precision, form tensing and relaxing in a jerky shudder as the adjustment took hold. The motion was minute, imperceptible. Expected. Refresh. Restart. Optics realigned, grip tightened on controls.

Targets in sight.

Three. User: designate-Sam_Flynn. Program: unknown accomplice (cross-reference violation:lightcycle_grid). User: designate-





Sound rose in a growl, poured out like a muted scream. Frustration (fury). Rinzler was done glitching, done with the errors and resets and disconnected absences.

Nothing was wrong with him.

...writing unedited stuff like this is making me squirm. Gah. So much unhappy. Will go back to real fics soon.
Tags: actually a drabble, fandom: tron/legacy, writing just 'cause
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