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Hold On: Master Post
And here we have my glorious attempt to gather my thus-far-posted ficcery in a semicoherent bundle. Right.

"Hold On" is my first attempt at writing for a fill. It was originally published on the tronkinkmeme, as a response to this awesome prompt. As of thus far, it's pretty much the main reason I obtained this LJ account, though I'm working on writing/adding more fics or what-have-you. It's also posted on fanfiction.net.

Title: Hold On
Fandom: Tron (Legacy)
Rating: T - violence, mindfuckery, mild sexings. Oh, language too.
Disclaimer: I own my laptop and a sleep deficit. It's like owning the Tron franchise, except there's nothing in common.
Summary: There's a crash, a fall, and it's over. Only sometimes not. A different take on the lightjet scene: what if Sam ended up falling, too? AU end of Legacy.
Words: 27828

01 - Fall
02 - Children
03 - Recognition
04 - Power
05 - Corruption
06 - Lull
07 - Meetings
08 - Tools
09 - Strength
10 - Choice
11 - Purpose

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i really enjoyed Hold On and i can't wait for more Letting Go chapters.
you're definitely one of my favourite writers. I thought i should let you know. :]

:D Thanks so much!

-_- Yeah, I've been terribly neglecting "Letting Go" of late. Someone offered me an art/fic trade (which I will finish my half of tonight), and that plus sequel-planning keep eating my very limited free time. That said, I should be working more on it this coming week; hopefully I'll have more chapters out before long.

(Deleted comment)
:) Thank you! Hope the other stuff lives up to your hopes.

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