December 24th, 2012


List 'O Stuff

Seeing as I seem to be putting more here than just Hold On, I figured I should change my sticky to something more stuff-inclusive. So have a list. It is Small, but dreams of one day being Medium-sized...

(all Tron:Legacy stuff 'cept some drabbles)


Hold On - A different take on the lightjet scene: what if Sam ended up falling, too? AU end of Legacy.

Rest Stop - Sam/Tron oneshot, Sam gets hurt and Tron freaks out. Followup to Hold On.

Srs Bizness - Oneshot, some Sam/Tron. "Lolcats on the grid" is both the prompt and an accurate summary. Crack.

Ongoing: Letting Go - Sam and Rinzler in the user world; deathfic. Will be edited/reposted upon completion.

Ongoing: Extraordinary Voyages - Another one-change AU; what if Sam ran off without getting directions from Quorra? Will be edited/reposted on completion.

titled drabbles - Currently includes Keystone, Waiting Game, Turnaround, and Look Forward. More added offsite here

Fic-like Stuff
(not finished enough to bother posting anywhere for realz, but my writing nonetheless. Hold On sequel previews not included.)

Aurora below the game grid...
Rinzler lurking on the recognizer
Fight scene! Potential far-future-spoilers if you're actually reading all my fic
Shuffle meme drabbles. Not all Tronfics!


Not Gonna Let You Go - fanvid, set to "Down with the Ship" by Enter the Haggis. Tries to be Sam/Tron; its success is... eh.

...shiny picture? - Not my work; done by Salioka from; part of a fic/art trade for "Rest Stop". Depicts a scene from "Hold On".